Corporate Travel Management
It’s time for companies to expect more from their travel management partner.  Advent Journeys invites you to look at corporate travel management in a new way, designed to move your business forward, globally, with every travel dollar you spend.
Advent Journeys blends the most proactive agency services with innovative travel technology, and global travel market expertise to provide each with a fully unified, and customized, corporate travel solution.
Expect more from Advent Journeys 
Enable your employees to travel efficiently, comfortably and securely. Ensure that every business trip they take will grow your business, not reduce your profits. At Advent Journeys, each component of our travel offering is designed to help move your business forward.
See what a difference Advent Journeys can make

Our service include:
Negotiated Airfares
We have available to us some of the lowest airfares in the world between major cities worldwide. Savings can be up to 25% and more from the published fares.
Corporate Hotel Program
Advent Journeys has available special hotel rates at over 15,000 properties worldwide. In addition at most of the best properties worldwide we offer a special amenity program for our corporate clients.
Corporate Meeting Services
We handle all types of corporate meetings including incentive programs. 
Customized Services
With our network we can accommodate most travel related requests.  We will create a program designed for your company's need.

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