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Opportunities for all those involved in the Indian Tourism Industry are immense, and the changes in the industry over the years with the advent of technology have set new standards for the players involved, primarily, all Indian travel agencies.
Advent Journeys being a premium Indian travel agency understands this business much better than the others, purely due to its commitment, involvement and the operating strength. In order to extend and reach of our operations to provide services to customers across the Globe, We have evolved a Franchise Concept that offers various benefits to those wishing to enter into this arena, with or without travel industry experience.

What is included?
All franchisees get complete privilege to a number of services provided. Marketing and Operational support is given to all franchisees by our Indian arm of travel agency. In fact they become extended representatives of the well known India travel brand, Advent Journeys, India. You will also benefit from Public domain internet site of our Indian travel agency.

Marketing and Operational support is given to all franchisees; in fact they become an extended representatives of Advent Journeys, India. We advertise predominantly on the Internet, while using various trade forums and magazines to ensure that brand is visible.

Administration, Training & Service support.
We help you setup a complete travel business.
It is the policy of Indian travel agency to constantly increase our number of franchisees, and with that our aim would also be to offer better “overrides” and give the same targets benefits that our parent company enjoys.

Custom Vacations
Our vacations are personalized for your clients. Each vacation begins with choices: What activities do they want to participate in? At what level? What style does your client want to travel in? We customize each trip according to the client’s desires

Franchisee Process
While we work to grow our network, at the same time we are looking for like minded people who are service industry oriented and understand the concept of the travel industry.
The main focus is to develop and utilize the synergies of all our Franchisees network for mutual benefits.
After we have gone through your paper work for a franchisee, and if found suitable we will work hard to enroll you into our processes without any delays. During the opening process, the Advent Journeys,India will assign a dedicated support manager who will be in regular contact with you. When your business opens, our representative will make regular visits to your office premises to ensure all business related processes are covered well.

For more information email us at FRANCHISE
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